The Light Box, or Sparkly Box as the children sometimes call it, is a Sensory Box for the eyes.

Children of all ages love to explore the world of fibre optics, torches, diamonds, ultraviolet, magnifiers, coloured light, mirrors, lenses and rainbows in this box. It is literally a feast for the eyes. Everything is individually packaged in little twinkly bags and sparkly boxes to give it that Christmas morning feeling. Children find it irresistible to open it all up and discover what’s inside.



I wanted to open up a wider world of possibilities than the everyday world they are used to seeing. Because of the novelty factor, this Box is very useful as a distraction tool or for re-engaging a bored, grizzling or upset child. And it really brightens up a rainy day.


Spontaneous exclamations of wonder often accompany the exploration of this Box.


It’s not just for little kids….big kids love this box too……

“I can see your fortune in my crystal ball!”

“Ohhh! WOW! It’s changing colour!”

  Gaining a sunnier outlook on life….

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