A Sense Of Wonder

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A Sense of Wonder is a celebration of the magic of the world seen through a small child’s eyes, with ideas for encouraging discovery and wonder. It also includes an exploration of children’s attitudes to death. I have put death and life together because for a small child, they are both as innocently fascinating as each other.

Here are a few snippets from this post:

….. Our world, which we sometimes think of as spoiled, boring or hard work, is brand new and exciting to a small child….

……What do we convey to them about our world when we rush and hurry through the day, trying to meet the deadlines rather than stopping to smell the flowers?…..

…..Why do we not sometimes think to watch and learn from a child? Do we always know best? If we could see the world as a child sees, life would become an amazing adventure!…..

……Would it be possible for us to spend an hour or so finding the most beautiful butterfly, the fluffiest grasses and the tiniest flower in the world? Do we ever pick up a feather to see how soft it is? Make a finger-hat from an acorn cup?……

…..Children can also be fascinated with death; to them, it’s just another, rather intriguing, part of life that for some reason grown-ups are rather secretive about…..

…..young children don’t have our taboos and fears, unless we choose to show revulsion or horror….. Finding a newly dead animal or insect is really exciting to them…..it could stimulate curiosity and compassion to discover something like a little baby bird who has fallen out of his nest…..

…….They might never get to see a squirrel or bat up close in real life until they find a dead one…..

……I  believe keeping a child’s sense of wonder alive is one of the greatest gifts we can give them.

If you are intrigued by the subjects covered in this post and want to read more, click here: https://springboarddiscoverybox.com/2012/08/22/a-sense-of-wonder/

Or go to the column on your right, scroll down to the heading ‘Ideas to Share’ and open the post  ‘A Sense of Wonder’. >>>

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