This is a taster (or teaser!)  from my post entitled ‘Time to Dream’ which can be found in the column to your right, look between the two pictures, under the heading ‘Ideas to Share’.

Below are a few edited highlights to flick though….

Do children need constant exercise and stimulation if they are to become intelligent? Or are their lives too crammed full of scheduled activities, with no time to  relax…… 

….A child who is given space and time for free play is enabled to develop her own inner resources…

…..Children are learning in every second they are awake. But all the rapid learning and growing they accomplish needs time and space to integrate….

….Children’s brains have to process simple concepts before they can understand more complex ideas… it’s like building a wall one brick at a time from the bottom up…

……during waking periods of daydreaming, children are processing new information and connecting it to previous patterns of learning… like adding more beads to a necklace….

….A trance is simply a focused state of attention, during which the person appears to ignore what’s going on around them….

…. If your child seems at times not to hear you, she’s not deliberately being annoying; it may be that she is simply focused very intently on her internal world…..

….A child listening to a story, or watching TV, easily and naturally enters a trance state, as she absorbs what has focused her attention…. This is a highly suggestible state, in which the child deeply absorbs what she hears into her unconscious mind…

….Unless they are highly excited, children will often instinctively know when they have had enough stimulation and need to balance it with a calm interlude….

…..Autistic children flap, spin and rock to create a self-soothing trance state…..they are actually behaving perfectly appropriately based on their perceptions……..


If you would like to learn more about how children naturally create their own hypnotic trance to help them learn, please turn to my post ‘Time To Dream’, located in the column to your right headed ‘Ideas to Share’. >>>>>

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