“Muuuuum! Play with us!!”

“Hang on a minute kids, I’m reading some ideas on how your brains work!….”

                                                              Ideas to Share

This is a quick taster page to introduce the Ideas To Share of this site.  Ideas To Share  is a series of articles (or posts) based on my experiences with various aspects of childcare. The most recent post appears on the home page by default. Each article is in the form of a diary entry, and some of them are fairly long, so you may not get time to read through the whole thing before a small person wants your attention! So I’m acting on some feedback and including some little tasters for a quick look through, so you can see if there’s anything that would help or interest you at this time.

So here is a menu of tasters from each article. If you find something you want to go into in more depth, (maybe once the kids are in bed or at school!) see the right hand column, scroll down to the heading that says: Ideas to Share! And click on the name of the post you want to read.  >>>>>

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