The Magic of Stories

This is a taster from the Ideas to Share section. It’s a post about all the different ideas I’ve found for using stories in everyday life, from mealtime to nap time, teaching values to passing time on the bus.

Here’s a few quick snippets from this post:

How often have your kids asked you, “Tell me about when you were little”?   Do you, like me, remember how much you loved hearing stories about your  mum’s and granny’s childhood when you were young?…..

….Stories can be a helpful distraction from upsets of any kind….one day, the five year old lost sight of me, panicked and began to cry. I told her the story of how I got lost at the beach when I was five. She soon cheered up on hearing how my situation had been far worse than hers……

…..Stories can be a useful way to teach important life lessons such as how to share and be kind or the importance of honesty or politeness…..such as the cautionary tale of my little childhood friend Nancy who was a despicably vile spoilt brat who everyone hated…..

….If your child has a tendency to whine, jump around noisily or pick at his food at mealtimes, maybe the tip I got from a friend with three young children could help…..At pudding time the kids ask for my ‘ice cream story’ again and again……

…..I often find myself reciting the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (by popular request) as we walk up the road to school……

……my favourite classics, which teach life lessons such as the value of optimism, gratitude for simple pleasures, inner beauty, and caring for others. I want to counteract the negative messages given out by this materialistic society……I believe true riches come from the heart……

……The whole cuddle/story ritual creates a  calm and peaceful space in their day which really helps little ones feel safe,  cherished and secure, as they snuggle up and lose themselves in another world……

Interested to see more? To read the rest, click here:

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