I decorated the Smell Box with beautiful marbled paper that seemed to suggest the waft of a breeze carrying some rich and exotic scent……

This Sensory Box is dedicated to stimulating the sense of smell. It contains many different items that have a discernible scent. I have tried to include as many natural items as I can (spices, essential oils, herbal teabags, different aromatic woods, aromatic woods, sheep’s wool) as well as scented soap, lip balm, candles etc.

I have tried to include natural scents such as spices, essential oils, incense and sheep's wool as well as candles, soaps and perfume.

This Box is good for playing a scent-distinguishing game, where the children are blindfolded and try to guess what each item is by smell. It helps them develop olfactory awareness of the difference between sweet, pungent, spicy, woody and floral smells. It could lead to discussions about why people wear scent, what it is that causes sheep’s wool to smell, and further exploration of the natural world, discovering such things tree resins, scented roses and herbs.

Because of all the loose perfumed items, this Box is even less of a toy than the others, and due to health & safety regulations concerning cosmetics, should only be used by older school-age children, and only under strict adult supervision.

Natural sheep’s wool and frankincense grains and resins…a bit Christmassy, like a snippet of real shepherd and wise man!


An Indian incense burner with incense cone, to spark discussions of Eastern religion!

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