Tears and Tantrums

This is a taster page to introduce my post about how to deal with and help prevent tantrums. Here are a few snippets from this post, which can be found in the Ideas to Share! section in the right hand column, scroll down to below the two pictures. >>>


……….When small children get excited, they react in an immediate, extreme, almost animal way. ……A child doesn’t have the maturity and life experience to have a sense of perspective about what matters and what doesn’t…..

..they can easily be redirected, influenced and distracted if you catch them in time and remember that your brain is more experienced, resourceful and mature than theirs…..

..make it super easy for them to be good, set them up for success, then praise them…….listening, explaining, keeping an eye on the situation…..You’ll be teaching them great coping strategies and social skills…..

……remonstrations and explanations are useless. If they are upset, their brain is switched off. No amount of words will work, because they can’t hear or understand until they calm down…..

…….walk away and take a few minutes to breathe deeply to calm yourself ……You may not be able to control your child’s behaviour, but the situation will rapidly get much, much worse if you lose control of yourself……

..There are apparently two types of tantrum……if there are real tears and incoherent anguish, she’s likely to need comfort…….tell her you love her no matter what…..give her a warm cuddle as the screams die down to whimpers…..

……If it’s just a bid for power with yells of rage, arguing and threats, totally ignoring it and moving away is the only option. In some ways this is the easiest type to deal with. You don’t have to do anything. ….If the rage tantrum receives no audience, trust me, it will have to cease. Even if pride dictates screaming until her throat bleeds…….

……use humour or words of kind understanding to redirect her attention and re-engage her rational mind…step outside “I say so” to “we all have to”..…“Everybody has things in their life that they don’t want to do. But we all have to do what must be done, before we can do what we would like to do.”…….

……I have managed to swiftly divert the two year old almost every time he tries to copy his sister and throw himself to the floor yelling with outrage……


If you feel this is an issue you’d like to know more about, look up the full post in the Ideas to Share! column to your right, or click here:


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