Childcare: Stepping Outside the Box

This is a taster to give you a quick peek at my post on stepping outside the normal childcare box. I am aiming to reintroduce some common sense ideas which may not be very politically correct, but which are inspired by what I have seen that children really need from us. Such as CUDDLES. It’s quite a long post, but here are a few excerpts:

…….Not so very long ago, certainly within my working lifetime, anyone with patience, a sweet nature and a heart full of love for children could get a job in a nursery or school….

….you must jump through a series of Official Hoops for a specified training period until it is deemed that you have absorbed the necessary degree of political correctness…..You will then be awarded a Hat with a Label on it saying something like “Early Years Specialist”…..

….At no time is your capacity for love, kindness, patience or intuition assessed….You can be the most efficient nursery manager ever, yet have no empathy or sensitivity for a small child’s real needs….

…..The government guidelines say that physical contact is not appropriate for Early Years workers. But all very young children are excessively physical…..

……So why can’t these bureaucrats look at it from the child’s point of view and make appropriate touch part of the training for those workers who don’t have the natural instinct for it?…….

…..each child has a unique and fluid way of learning based on their needs at the time. They don’t learn a certain skill because it is time to learn it according to our agenda. They learn in order to fulfil their desires…..

……Numbers, colours, shapes, scientific concepts, will all become integrated into his repertoire if we simply enrich his world with the right materials and stand back a little…..

…..Lack of a Special Needs statement causes much stress to a parent who knows their child will miss out on individual help …..But every child is a unique gift….

 ……the child who had cerebral palsy was creative, sociable and loved a sense of independence and achievement…..What she really wanted was to be a dancer. We integrated her into a school dance troupe……I completely stopped seeing the limits and the wheelchair, and instead saw the possibilities of all the things she COULD do…….

……you become blind to everything but that child’s uniqueness and just love them for who they are as a person……. Small children simply don’t see skin colour, looks or disability. They just want to be friends…..

If you see some ideas here that you agree with, you might want to read the whole post. It’s to your right, below the two pictures, in the Ideas to Share! menu >>>

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